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StairBiz software is a comprehensive staircase manufacturing business solution. It helps you be more productive, more competitive and more profitable. It allows you less stress and more free time to do the things in life that you might rather be doing.

StairBiz has been specifically developed to allow a short learning curve, ease of use and enormous flexibility in tailoring to your particular methods for design, estimating and manufacture.




What our clients say?

Since 2005 StairBiz has revolutionized the way we do business, automating the quotation and manufacturing processes. StairBiz staff provided excellent transfer from a paper based to a computer based business.

StairBiz is now an integral part of our business and it is fair to say that we could not do business now without the efficiency and control this software delivers."

Iain Small

Allwood Stairs

Who are we?


StairBiz Software started as a stair manufacturing company 30 years ago. We moved exclusively into stair software 20 years ago, and have been developing strongly ever since.


Watch StairBiz do one job (5 mins)


StairBiz is very fast. It can take as little as one minute to design a stair and well with balustrading. You will be designing, spec, estimate, quote and schedule most jobs in under five minutes.

The StairBiz Program

"Overall, I cannot think of another product or service that we have invested in that has been as helpful to our business as StairBiz has!"