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There are as many different ways to run a stair manufacturing business as there are stair manufacturing businesses. Having said that, your way of running your business is the right way to run your business. This is why we made everything in StairBiz adapted to your way:


Terminology                               LEARN MORE >>


You can customize every word, phrase or sentence in the StairBiz program. In short, the program uses your terminology, giving you a feeling of total familiarity from the start


Measurement                             LEARN MORE >>


StairBiz has a wide choice of metric and imperial measurement systems.


Building Codes                           LEARN MORE >>


You can configure StairBiz for your relevant building codes. StairBiz will not force you to adhere to those codes, but will alert you if they are violated. If you operate in different localities which have different building codes, you can switch between codes with the click of a mouse.


Access & Privileges                     LEARN MORE >>


You have total control over who in your organization has access to what information and what functionality in StairBiz. For example, you can decide who has access to financial data, who can change costs, who can override job data etc. It is as simple or as sophisticated as you like.