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Pricing can change slightly from country to country to reflect the cost of doing business and purchasing power within that country. Ultimately, we are as competitive as possible within each market. For a detailed quotation for your country, please see your local StairBiz representative. The following is a guide as to what to ask for. We start with a summary, and further below is more detail.


On-site Installation/Training


On-site installation involves assisting you with setting up StairBiz to your way of design, manufacture and pricing. On-site training involves teaching you how to use StairBiz. On-site installation/training is not included in the license fees as the time needed varies widely depending on the requirements of the client – some require none; most require around 2-4 days; complex situations can take more.

Travel expenses, where incurred, are additional.




Upgrades are free for the first year, after which there is the option to participate in the on-going Update Program at 7% of license fees per annum.




Bug fix requests are free. Support is free for the first 3 months provided the support request does not pertain to something that would normally be handled in a training session (i.e. is not a substitute for adequate training).

Some conditions and exceptions may apply to upgrades and support – please refer to the StairBiz End User Agreement (see the Downloads page).