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StairBiz Professional


StairBiz Professional is the main program. It includes design (all stair and balustrading configurations), specification and 3D. It also includes client management, job tracking, project management, scheduling, accounts and inventory. It does not include our two optional modules - StairBiz Estimating and StairBiz CNC (see below).


StairBiz Estimating (optional module)


StairBiz Estimating is a fully integrated module for automatic estimating (materials, labour, overheads, profit, discounts and tax) and quoting based on the design as created in StairBiz Professional. It also includes the capacity to do take-offs (conversion of the cutting list into part numbers and prices from your parts database). If your company uses StairBiz Estimating, you will need a StairBiz Estimating license for each StairBiz Professional license you purchase (e.g. if you have four Standard licenses, you will need four Estimating licenses).


StairBiz CNC (optional module)


StairBiz CNC is a fully integrated module for placing stair components (as designed in StairBiz Professional) onto a simulated CNC bed and exporting to your machine. Licenses are priced on a “per machine” basis (e.g. if you have four Standard licenses, and one CNC machine, you only need one CNC license).


StairBiz Receptionist (optional)


StairBiz Receptionist is StairBiz Professional except that in most windows you can only view and/or print – you cannot input or change the data. The exception is that you can start a new job, and enter or change data in the Client and Site windows. If your business has the StairBiz CNC module, you are able to use the CNC window and export jobs to the machine.

It is applicable for all staff who are not engaged in stair design or estimating.