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With StairBiz you spend less time on “task” management and more time on “real” management.


Task Management


Your factory staff are given job sheets which are very specific, highly organized and well presented. This means that your time normally spent task-managing (supervising, problem solving, putting out spot fires and addressing questions or concerns) will be greatly reduced. Time spent managing administrative staff will also be greatly reduced.


Real Management


A computer can't manage. Computers are very good at doing repetitive tasks with a high level of accuracy and speed, but only you can manage.


However, sometimes your "real" management skills can be under-utilized because of the time you spend on task management and administration. You'd like to hand these jobs over to someone else but there is no one with the required experience, accuracy and attention to detail. No one can look after the interests of your business the way you can.


StairBiz can assist. It frees up your time and energy for a little more planning, organizing, developing, marketing, motivating, innovating, promoting morale, maintaining relationships with clients and staff, optimizing your resources and expanding - in other words, all the things that a computer can't do, and all things that you would like to do more of if only you had the time.