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Timber is expensive. Even small reductions in wastage can add up to significant savings over a period of time. Savings in materials are achieved in the following ways.


Confident cuts; less wastage                          LEARN MORE >>


Cutting lists for each job show every component of the stair and balustrade, with its exact size and length. The preparation staff can make confident cuts every time with no wastage. There is no more thinking, no more guessing, and no more cutting over-length "just in case".


Better utilization of timber                              LEARN MORE >>


Because cutting lists are exact, he preparation staff can more easily anticipate the best utilization of any length of timber. Shakes, splits and other irregularities in the timber can also be organized in the most efficient manner.


Fewer construction errors                              LEARN MORE >>


Construction staff work from very specific specifications and drawings - a reduction in construction errors can further reduce wastage.