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Significant savings are achieved in the following ways.


Working more efficiently                                LEARN MORE >>


You can provide your factory staff with job sheets containing detailed specifications and drawings for every aspect of stair and balustrade preparation and construction. As a result, they don't need to think or mentally prepare. They don't need to calculate. They don't need to draw up or set anything out. Your staff get straight down to the real job - constructing stairs - which is where you make your money.


Staff flexibility                                               LEARN MORE >>


StairBiz job sheets are accurate, clear, and as detailed and comprehensive as you want. As a result you have greater flexibility in the hiring, firing, allocation and utilization of staff. Also, if mistakes are being made by your staff, there is no doubt about where the responsibility lies.


Maintaining rhythm and momentum                LEARN MORE >>


The consistency and level of detail used in StairBiz job sheets allows your staff to quickly build and maintain good rhythm and momentum - the real secret to high productivity.


Reduced training times and cost                    LEARN MORE >>


The comprehensiveness and level of detail used in StairBiz job sheets allows you to train new staff in a fraction of time it would normally take. By providing full specifications and drawings, a tradesman with no previous stair experience could be brought up to speed within a matter of days rather than weeks or months.


Reduced overtime costs                                LEARN MORE >>


The increased staff flexibility, combined with the increased tracking and projection capabilities of the program's scheduler, can allow you to cut overtime costs.


Better communication between preparation and construction staff          LEARN MORE >>


Every component in the cutting list has a number. Construction staff can more easily identify individual components from the blanks that have come from the preparation crew. There is no more sifting through a pile of timber with a tape measure trying to work out which piece is what.


Reduced dependence on specialists and subcontractors                       LEARN MORE >>


Expert stair builders are hard to find, expensive, and often demand special consideration (otherwise they leave, go to work for the competition, or even start up in competition themselves). The comprehensiveness and level of detail used in StairBiz job sheets allows you to use less experienced staff for a lot more of your work.


Using StairBiz, increases in labor productivity and reductions in wages and subcontract costs can be considerable. There is also a flow-on effect to other resources such as factory space and machinery time.